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Creative Thinkers Live & Work
in Creative Environments!

Our Audible Adventures are the Ultimate "Walking Tours" for Armchair Travelers.

Audible Adventures showcase historic & legendary homes, gardens, and work spaces of history's most accomplished creative thinkers, including your favorite musicians, writers, artists!

Through "Inspiration Education", you will be empowered to live & work more creatively and productively!  

Audible Adventures is what happens when you mix together everything that is awesome about audio books + audio documentaries + audio walking tours. 

Our Audible Adventures consist of a series of Audio Tracks that are meant to be listened to in sequence, but you can listen to them in any order you wish. You can even listen to your favorite episodes over and over again.

Combining them together, our Audible Adventures add up to hours of educational, motivational, inspirational, and meditational content.

How it Works

Place your order below. Download the files. Enjoy!

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