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The FIRST full-length visual history of this iconic building, replete with vintage and contemporary images and transcribed newspaper articles.Completed in 1884, the Dakota Apartment building has been the home of numerous luminaries of business, literature, stage, and screen. Some of the first residents to live there included members of the Steinway family, as well as successful publishers, merchants, and even a Bishop. Hundreds of rarely-seen and vintage articles and photos from the late 1800s and into the 20th century help tell the astonishing history of the Dakota while showcasing many of its architectural wonders. For over 100 years the Dakota's appearance has inspired a sense of mystery and history within people. Now they can experience the early days of the Dakota and the Upper West Side first-hand by viewing the actual vintage articles, photos, sketches, and design plans from that time. This book shares information and trivia which is of great interest to anyone interested in architecture, the history of New York, and great true stories.” Among the educational trivia in the book is that the Dakota was considered to be one of the first – or perhaps even the first - luxury apartment building in New York by offering such amenities as residential elevators, multiple bathrooms per apartment, kitchens, a barber shop, firewood and coal delivery, and a private dining room for residents so they did not have to hire a staff to cook for them. In fact, their meals could be enjoyed in the first floor restaurant or the meals could be delivered – and served by the Dakota's staff – in the residents' apartments. “The Dakota Scrapbook” gives readers a grand tour around the exterior of the Dakota, which also includes a unique glimpse of the roof - which resembles a miniature European village - and also invites readers into the Dakota's guarded courtyard which showcases two stunning cast-iron water fountains which once served as the center of a turn-around for horses-and-carriages. It is the Dakota's unique architecture and history that allowed it to be designated as a New York City Landmark in 1969. The building was also added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972, and it was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1976.Potential readers should be assured that we purposely design our books to be reminiscent of vintage publications. They are designed to look like someone found them at the bottom of a stack of books, in a dusty old antique shop. Rather than being glossy and shiny, the publishers chose to do something a lot more interesting and creative. We hope you appreciate the special effort we made to create a special book about this special building. Enjoy!Readers will also enjoy "A Grand Tour of the Dakota Apartments: A Journey Through Time of the Interior & Exterior of New York's Legendary Landmark."

The Dakota Scrapbook: Volume 1. Exterior


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