Are you ready for an Educational Adventure? Have you ever wanted to attend a lecture and learn all about the history of Friar Park? With our Audible Adventure entitled HISTORY OF FRIAR PARK, now you can. In one seamless 1 hour and 14 minute "audio documentary" you will get:


1.   History of Friar Park (Introduction)

2.   The Mansion

3.   The Lodges

4.   The Gardens. Part 1.

5.   The Gardens. Part 2.

6.   The Lake

7.   Alpine Garden

8.   History of Friar Park (Closing)



Friar Park is an enormous Victorian neo-Gothic mansion in Henley-on-Thames built in 1889. It was formerly owned by eccentric lawyer Sir Frank Crisp and purchased in January 1970 by musician George Harrison. The site covers about 32 acres (25 hectares). Features include caves, grottoes, underground passages, a multitude of garden gnomes, and an Alpine rock garden with a scale model of the Matterhorn. (Wikipedia)


Written & Produced by Scott Cardinal

Narrated by British Female


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History of Friar Park

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