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Written & designed in 2016 by the world's premiere scholar on The Beatles' homes, "Greetings from Friar Park (Henley-on-Thames): An archive of postcards celebrating the estate of The Beatles' George Harrison" is the first and only book to properly showcase the historic postcards published in the early 1900s that captured the fantastical gardens and mansion at the fabulous estate of Frank Crisp. Though Friar Park has been well-known & celebrated since the 1880s, it became world-famous in 1970 when it was purchased by The Beatles' George Harrison who used his endless stream of money and imagination to beautify the building structures and many of the gorgeous gardens. It would be there where the spiritual musician would spend countless hours in comfort, serenity, privacy, meditation, and inspiration. Join us for a time-travel adventure you will never forget. Bring along your pen and we will provide the postcards! FULL-COLOR-BOOK! INFORMATIVE TEXT! 100+ IMAGES! ***BEWARE of cheap & unauthorized attempts to imitate this unique, quality book.

Greetings from Friar Park: An archive of postcards


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