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This Fan Club is 100% free, but if you want to support our research and productions, kindly sign up for an annual subscription to Audible Adventures. it's only $25.00. You got that. And you will get access to over 100 entertaining and educational audio tours of Friar Park, Tittenhurst Park, the Dakota, and more fantastic places. New audio tours are added thorughout the year.


*The Friar Park Fan Club is not in any way associated with, or endorsed by, the Estate of George Harrison, Apple Corps Limited, The Beatles, and anyone or anything else you can think of that is or is not associated with musician George Harrison, etc. This is just a fun educational group I created to celebrate the legendary English country home built by genius Frank Crisp, and where he and his family lived between 1895-1919. This is not a George Harrison or Beatles fan club.



Friar Park Fan Club