PDF of the entire book. Friar Park A Colorful History: From Sir Frank Crisp to George Harrison. Vol. 1.


Grab your colored pencils, markers, or crayons and take off on a creative, colorful adventure! Relax, unwind, and express your creativity by coloring in 60+ unique designs. Features images of Friar Park's magnificent mansion, gorgeous gardens, a population of people including George Harrison, Pattie Boyd, and their fabulous friends! Many mesmerizing mandalas, zen doodles, designs, and patterns. Explore historic Henley-on-Thames, George's multicolored Mini Cooper and grand guitars, sprightly gnomes, fascinating flowers, guest lodges, the astonishing Alpine Garden, optical illusions, Japanese gardens, curious caves, Hindu deities, and spectacular surprises. Various levels of intricacy! Designed to help chillax and inspire! Perfect for every skill level and so many different themes to choose from! High resolution illustrations! Each coloring page is on one sheet of paper. Printed one-sided. Don't worry about bleed through! This coloring book makes the perfect gift for fans of The Beatles, George Harrison, English country homes, Gardens, and Architecture! Create your own frame-worthy masterpieces!Check out our other books about Friar Park.Coming soon! The Dakota Apartments Coloring Book!


Friar Park A Colorful History: From Sir Frank Crisp to George Harrison. Vol. 1


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