Have you ever daydreamed about traveling back in time and meeting George Harrison at his mansion? How about walking through The Beatles manager Brian Epstein? How about walking along the magnificent topiary garden at Levens Hall? Well, now you can!


Tracks include:


1.   Enjoying a Networn Apple with Thomas Jefferson at Monticello in 1799.

2.   Tasting Chocolate in a Chocolate Cafe.

3.   Driving down Hollywood Boulevard during the Golden Age.

4.   Meditating with Lavender.

5.   Saving President Lincoln from being assassinated.

6.   Saving John Lennon from being assassinated (afternoon)

7.   Saving John Lennon from being assassinated (evening).

8.   Saving John Lennon from being assassinated .

9.   Saving George Harrison from being attacked in his home.

10. Visiting George Harrison at Friar Park (part 1)

11.  Visiting George Harrison at Friar Park (part 2)

12.  Sitting on a bench with George Harrison at Friar Park


Written & Produced by Scott Cardinal

Narrated by Gerard Gilroy & Rachael Endrizzi



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Prepare for: Education! Inspiration! Meditation!



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