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What Is Audible Adventures?
Audible Adventures is an online education & health care company and mobile app that produces and delivers team-written audio walking tours. We blend assorted storytelling techniques to create professionally produced audio experiences for education, inspiration, and meditation.

What Makes Our Walking Tours Different?
Our Audible Adventures are the world's most awesome audio walking tours because they take you to places where most people will either never be able to go.  These amazing places are either too far or difficult to travel to or they don't exist any more. Also, many of our Audible Adventures give listeners the experience of visiting other places at a time when special events or people could be found there. For example, imagine visiting John Lennon's mansion while he was recording IMAGINE. Or imagine musician George Harrison's home and gardens as they were when first built in the late 1800s!

How much does it cost?
Every “Introduction” to an Audible Adventures series is free to listen to. There are three ways to purchase paid Audible Adventures content: See the shop to see current prices and content.​

How do I know when new Audible Adventures are available?
We send out newsletters at least once a month to all members.


Does My Device Support the Audible Adventures App? If Not, How Can I Listen to Audible Adventures Content?
Currently, the Audible Adventures content can be listened to on the web. Our app is under development now.

The Audible Adventures Community

I am a writer. Can I write for Audible Adventures?
Currently we are not taking submissions, but we love to hear from writers who we can keep in mind for future projects. Particularly we are looking for writers who have a big online presence - large numbers of followers on Twitter & Facebook or writing communities, for instance. If that describes you please contact us with your information at

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