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Your Question.

Can you produce some "Audible Adventures" for us?  

Our Answer. 

Yes! We'd love to. In fact, we already work with Educational Institutions,  Organizations for the Visually Impaired,  Exhibit & Entertainment Designers,  Film, TV, and Video Producers,  Publishers,  Cultural Attractions,  Private & Public Museums,  & all sorts of businesses.​ Please contact us with the name of your institution, organization, and company, and your ideas on how we can collaborate together.

Your Question.

I am not affiliated with any organization or business, but I sure do have a great idea for an Audible Adventure! You should produce one . . . . . . . . 

Our Answer. 

Thank you for your confidence that we could produce a great Audible Adventure that you would like to listen to. As you can imagine, we have a lot of different productions in various stages of development, but we are always on the look-out for new ideas. Of course, we can't do everything and we certainly can't handle being overwhelmed with suggestions.
   At this time, to have your idea considered we require that the potential partner have a large online social presence in order for us to be able to hit the ground running when the completed production launches. 
   Also, we are not just looking for ideas, we need well-developed storylines.  We need partners who have already done a good deal of the research, and perhaps already have written scripts. 
   Our role is to handle the creative development, production, post-production, and marketing. 
   Also, at this time, we are looking for producing partners who are willing to cover at least 50% of the production costs.  Don't worry, we are really good at putting these together, and will keep the costs affordable.  It is our goal that you eventually be fully reimbursed and perhaps even earn a return on your investment.​
   In order to keep from being swamped with submissions, and to ascertain level of seriousness, we charge a flat, non-refundable $100.00 submission fee that will be refunded only if your idea goes into production.
   Kindly know that we are in development with numerous projects at one time and it is entirely possible that we may already be developing an idea similar to the one you propose to us. ​
   We look forward to collaborating with you on producing Audible Adventures.​​
   Awesome journeys!

The Cardinals & the Campfire Team

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